Our leadership is honored to have the opportunity of bringing a real impact to those in need in the developing world. 



Our Team

Replenish is led by a talented and passionate group of individuals. Our Board and Advisory team work diligently to keep Replenish dreaming big and accomplishing greater work, through accountability, collaboration and impact. 




Board of Directors
Brian Lamb
Barbara Lamb - Chairman
Jimmy Mowry
Kathy Clem
Brian McFadden



Advisory Team
McKenzie Lamb
Steve Otieno
Nancy Ogada
Naphtaly Mattah
Fred Gituku
Carol & Marshall Addison
Bryan & Cara McCullough
Mike Moye
Kathy Stewart
Jeff Brown
Dale Pond




Celebrity Support

In partnership with Moye Sports since 2013, Replenish has had the opportunity to involve MLB players to support clean water efforts.  These campaigns have included “Run For Water” with David Murphy and Lance Berkman so that each run scored resulted in clean water for a child for 5 years, as well as “K for Kenya” with Jeremy Affeldt in which each strike-out resulted in a child receiving clean water for 5 years.

Current Campaign: Strike Out Thirst

Jaime Garcia
In an effort to support his home country of Mexico,  Jaime Garcia, Pitcher for the NY Yankees, is supporting the clean water mission through Replenish for the 2017 and 2018 seasons.  For these combined seasons, each strike-out will result in a child receiving clean water for 5 years.