Become a Fundraiser for Replenish. 

Getting Started.

Giving has never been so easy—or transparent. With just a few simple questions, and you can immediately start raising money for the cause that matters most to you. With our effortless user experience, you can share your fundraiser with friends, stockpile donations, and track the generosity.

1. Select a Campaign

First things first: what are you working toward? Select the campaign that you want to direct your fundraising toward. Now, it's time to get active!

2. Create Your Fundraiser

Giving starts with the individual, which is why you're at the hub of what's happening. Tell us who you are and what you're all about.

3. Share Your Fundraiser

When giving occurs, everyone wins! Our donation platform (Donately) makes it super easy to share the love with your friends and family. Send out your page via social media, and watch the goodwill roll in.

4. Track Your Progress

Now you can see it to believe it. Get detailed, live accounts—witnessing the irresistible and full truth of the good your fundraiser is doing.


Fundraising Ideas

Use your birthday to fundraise for clean water. 

Want to do something significant for your Birthday? Create a fundraiser, and invite friends to join you in meeting a goal together instead of gifts. 


Are you a teacher? start a fundraiser for your classroom. 

Make an impact in lives of other students across the world. 


church? youth ministry? 

Together, your church and/or ministry, can create a Fundraiser and make a significant impact!


McKenzie and her Camp Gladiator.

McKenzie is a trainer and coach who leads a Camp Gladiator in Houston, TX. She encouraged her crew of campers to step up and save lives. They quickly blew past their $400 goal, and brought clean water to more than 70 deserving people for the next 5 years!! 


Sammy's Run for Replenish

Sammy ran in the 2017 San Antonio Rock 'n Roll Marathon and managed to give 42 children a sustainable source of clean water by raising $210! You rock, Sammy!