Water & the word

Providing Bible translations in regional native languages along with water filters.


By partnering with The Seed Company and Bible Translation Literacy (BTL), Replenish is able to impact the physical and spiritual thirst of those in remote Kenya.


Our purpose for the Water & the Word Campaign is to give others the opportunity to be a part of our mission to provide clean water to remote villages in Kenya, which are identified by The Seed Company and the BTL in Nairobi, Kenya.

To date, we have supported efforts in Lake Victoria and areas surrounding Homa Bay, Kenya.  This outreach includes providing Bible translations in native Suba language with water filtration systems in area churches.



Currently, the BTL has identified two additional regions (Pokomo and Duruma) and eight large schools for this campaign in 2017-2018.  The translations will be in the native languages of these areas including Kipokomo in Pokomo and Chidigo in Duruma.

The goal of the Water & the Word Campaign is to continue providing Community LifeStraw units to villages/schools from lists generated from in-country support. For this Campaign, we are seeking support for 50 Community LifeStraw units at $400 each, or $20,000.