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David Murphy

David Murphy

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Jeremy Affeldt


I have been asked, “Why do you play baseball?” My experience as a professional athlete has developed my faith so that I realize that it is not all about what I do on the field that matters, it is about what I do off the field that defines my calling.  As I believe that “no man should live for himself”, I am able to use the gifts I have been given as a pitcher to have an impact on the lives of people across the globe.  When I had the opportunity to partner with Replenish in the “K for Kenya” campaign, I realized that I could pitch with a greater purpose, pitch for people I don’t even know and who have never even seen me pitch.  The joy of providing clean water in the name of Jesus, the Living Water, to a child in Kenya for every strikeout brings joy that even goes beyond the joy of winning a World Series.

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